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Connecting small businesses, providing solutions that scale with your business. Leveling the playing field for the small business owner.

Providing project based IT services to your business.

SHNOOL Enterprises has connected small and medium businesses for over 25 years. Providing local, cloud, and offsite backups, connectivity to software as service (SaaS), and single sign on configurations to enable your small business to look like a large one. With references in small private schools, engineering industry, machining, construction, manufacturing and more, SHNOOL Enterprises has a proven track record of providing compliance tools, security, and connectivity for whatever industry you are in. The goal of our business is to enable you to grow your business, without the overhead of a large IT staff.

We are confident that our team and diverse experience will help you grow your business.

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Patent Applications

A provisional patent application can be an effective tool for businesses and individuals seeking to acquire patent rights.

Licensing Agreements

A license agreement is a legal document used to harness the value of intellectual property – creations of the mind and more.


A copyright, an important asset to the copyright owner, is a set of exclusive rights granted to the author of an original work.