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Shnool Enterprises has a 18+ year history of being the go to place for small businesses to come for technical support, and Information Technology solutions.  (logos used on this page are not endorsements or sponsors, but examples of technologies we have worked with).  

Who are we?

Shnool Enterprises was formed in 1995 (John M Schramm dba SHNOOL Enterprises) as a response to several friends asking me to help setup their small business networks. Without giving out client names.  Shnool (aka John M. Schramm) has:

  •  Built a small infrastructure cabling company's network (servers, switching, routing, firewall, backup, and internet)
  • Setup, supported and maintained a 25 engineer network, with 2012R2 server core, Hyper-V and 4 VMs, 15TB SAN riding iSCSI on a small flat network.
  • Later on took that engineering network and upgraded them to a Shoretel Voice over IP solution.
  • Maintained and upgraded a small record shop's network of 15+ computers, including migrating them between versions of Filemaker Pro.
  • Setup a small business home office for a Videographer who shoots weddings, and parties.  Computer equipment deals with 4k video rendering and requires high speed backups and restores.
  • Helped setup a Private High School with 250 computers, Blackbaud software, Exchange 2010, and SQL 2012.  Shnool Ent helped interview and hire the new network administrator for the school after the network was established.
  • Hundreds of smaller one and two computer networks have been built over the years using Shnool designs.


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Shnool (aka.  John) started off with a Compaq luggable computer at the age of 13.  Stolen service/support manuals for the luggable computer became "light reading" for his first introduction to programming.  Within weeks he was branching out to hardware upgrades and software installs, including GW-BASIC and Dbase III programming.

At age 13 Shnool has a paid contracting job setting up a serial based network of Compaq luggable computers, sharing data files for a rudimentary MRP system.  From there the jobs came quickly and moved on to projects across many small business and manufacturing networks.

Today Shnool exists as an IT Manager as a day job supporting 5 companies and hundreds of employees, and many hundred more network ports, and smart devices. 

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